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A Story of Family

Meet Zelia Elaine & Kenyaita Monet

Red Art
A photo of Zelia Elaine.
Gradient Red Yellow
A photo of Kenyaita Monet.

Elaine Monet Candle Co (EMC2) was founded in honor of Kenyaita Monet's late grandma, Zelia Elaine Taylor, or Elaine as she was affectionately known. Grandma Elaine is Kenyaita's inspiration as she had such a powerful yet graceful energy. Kenyaita and her family miss that energy! Elaine was warm, loving, and dedicated to her family but she didn't take any mess! She is where Kenyaita gets her love for math, science, and jewelry. Elaine always wore the nicest perfume and her house always had a light scent of peppermint. 

A loving great-granddaughter, grand-daughter, daughter, sister, cousin, and friend. Kenyaita is the eldest of three and is Elaine's first grandchild. She is an avid traveler having explored Tanzania, Bahrain, Martinique, Brussels, Jaipur, India and Melbourne, AU just to name a few. Kenyaita loves roller skating, street art (graffiti), as well as photography and her camera roll holds all of the stories.

Kenyaita's mother (Elaine's daughter), Monica, always has candles for every occasion, and this is what led Kenyaita to make candles of her own. With her background in science and public health it only made sense to use natural and safe ingredients for her family and customers to enjoy. Elaine Monet Candle Co is a tribute to the three generations of women who have taught and continue to inspire Kenyaita to be the woman she is today, and the woman she aspires to be tomorrow.

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